Our Single “Thrown Dart” has Released Everywhere!

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It feels surreal to have released our music out into the world. I’ve been starring at a screen, mixing and producing “Thrown Dart”, and it feels absolutely amazing to have released it, and the support everyone has shown means the world to us. I want to thank Krista for the lovely Album Art, it really is quite awesome. I also want to thank my musical partner, and the original author of the song, my bandmate Lilah. You are as much a part of this band as I am and there is no way we could do this on our own. I feel this is only the beginning for us. Yesterday we worked on three more songs, some which we will release as singles, and others we will save for the upcoming EP. We’ll keep you updated, we plan on doing a corresponding release show for the EP, and you will see that on this blog, as well as in Spotify with the help of SongKick. Thanks for the love, have a good one.

– Dean

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