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Our Bio

"DELILAH is Dean Reynolds and Lilah Vener, bringing Rock and RnB sounds from Southern California. Known for their tight harmonies and unique musical style. DELILAH writes, records, and produces themselves.

Growing up to the sounds of pure 70s rock music, as well as more sophisticated compositions such as The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds", Dean Reynolds has a very eclectic and diverse range and appreciation for music, which is why DELILAH often encompasses many genres including Rock, RnB, Alternative, Blues, and Piano Ballads.

Listening to lots of different sounds, Lilah Vener was heavily influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Tears For Fears, Led Zeppelin, and so on. With a voice as big as a freight train, Lilah brings a powerful presence to this duo. Poetic lyrics, jaw-dropping harmonies, and a massive voice, Lilah brings the soul.

Together, these two musicians bring a new sound to an era of music that is ready for a rock revival. They are independent, managing their own In-House Label (literally), Loudhouse Records, and DELILAH is truly bringing back the sounds of the past, and reimagining them with new ideas, refreshing compositions, and absolutely killer tone. Ladies and Gentlemen, do not sleep on DELILAH."

Dean Reynolds

Lead/Backing Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Engineer, Songwriter

Lilah Vener

Lead/Backing Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter